About us

Nice to meet you!

Let us tell you a little story about how we started Unika Interior.

During COVID-19 we were forced to spend a lot of time at home, so we started to look at the furniture and spaces more and more, and change the style of our rooms. Luckily Beatrice, interior designer, had the expertise we needed, but we thought about the many people who would probably like their houses to look more like home, but would need some help. So we thought we could actually help all those people, even without meeting them in person. 

That’s how we started. We want to give a chance to every person to have an amazing home, and to every product to have a second-life.

Meet the Team

Elena – The Visionary & Operational Leader

If I were a deco style, I would be a good mix of Mediterranean & Scandinavian. If I were to style my place, I would definitely ask Bea 🙂 Sun and good vibes lover.

Beatrice – The Art Director & Interior Designer

If I were a deco style, I would be Mid-century Modern. Your home should tell the story of who you are even if this means looking through a huge amount of vintage furniture 🙂 I like flowers in spring and snow in winter.

Lilly – The Marketing Lead & Brand Ambassador

If I were a deco style, I’d be Bohemian Vintage: just a fancy way to say that I accumulate stuff, and cannot afford new furniture 🙂 I love simple things, like cats and chocolate.

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Unika Interior
Copenhagen, Denmark