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Nikos’ Living Room Project, April 2020 – Mid-century modern, with unique second-hand pieces.

“I had recently moved into a new apartment and only had a couch and a table in my living room, and not much free time to put into making it feel like home. At the first meeting with Unika I was already excited with their ideas and with some feedback from me they quickly found the right furniture.”

Sean’s Living Room & Kitchen Project, May 2020 – Simple, minimalist yet colorful.

“I just moved into my new place with my girlfriend and I wanted some help to figure out the style that would fit the space and our taste. Unika’s team gave me very useful ideas and created a very realistic rendering I could use to shop the products and feel at home.”

Ines & Sorivan’s Bedroom Project, July 2020 – A mix of modern furniture and bohemian, natural colors that light up the bed area.

“We are a young couple who felt that our room was too simple and was missing some warmth, so we asked Unika Interior to help us. Unika Interior understood our needs and we really like the choice of natural materials and vintage pieces.”

Cristina’s Living Room Project, October 2020 – A Mid-Century Modern style with unique pieces.

“I just moved into my new place and needed to imagine and decorate the whole living room and entrance. Thanks to Unika I had some ideas I would have never considered and I was able to better understand my needs and taste.”

Merkatino’s Foodtruck Project, December 2020 – A rustic, simple and natural choice of furniture and decoration for the foodtruck of this Italian business.

“We are the founders of an Italian food marketplace online and we needed help to style our new business food-truck. We had no idea how to create a complete concept in line with the brand. We appreciated how Unika’s team was personally involved and helped us to imagine the whole thing.”

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